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Living a Pain Free Life: 5 Steps

A sad reality of existing as a living being in this world means that whether you wish it or not, the pain will arrive at your doorstep at any time. However, we humans are smart, which means we can come up with ways to fight it. In this article, we’ll explore five different ways in which we can live a pain-free life.

Near-Infrared Light Therapy

Neuropathy is a nervous system condition where the hands, feet, or other body parts experience numbness or loss of sensation. People also tend to experience a sharp stabbing pain. Symptoms may develop over any period of time and can range from mild to disabling.

Currently, the best treatment for neuropathy is light therapy. Alternative treatments include the consumption of anti-inflammatory drugs, but they’re not as effective. NIR light therapy can help restore feeling in numb areas and relieve pain for people who suffer from neuropathy.

Some of the main healing effects of NIR include

● Promoting muscle recovery from injury

● Relieving joint and muscle pain

● Relieving inflammation

● Promote healthy bone growth

Increase wound healing time

● Enhancing blood flow by stimulating the new capillary formation

● Reduce oxidative stress.

NIR is also very good for people who have Parkinson’s disease or Alzheimer’s.


Yes, I know, very cliched. However, despite being beaten into our heads time and time again to exercise, most people tend not to. Exercising has immense health benefits that people often don’t tend to grasp.

Now granted, most people are busy with their lives and often don’t get the time to exercise. But trust me, It’ll pay off in the long run. It’s never too late to start. Even 15-30 minutes of exercise a few days a week is much better than no exercise at all.

Heart disease is the most significant problem plaguing the middle-aged people of America. Regular exercise will ensure you stay fit, and your heart stays healthy. You can say goodbye to chest pains forever.

Regular exercise will also help control blood sugar and insulin levels, blood pressure and help improve sleep and sexual health. Your bones and muscles will also greatly benefit from exercising. It’ll help to strengthen the bones and muscles and help prevent joint and muscle pain.

And of course, how can we forget all desk jobholders’ bane, the back pain. Whenever woes and worries of life are discussed in a social circle, back pain comes up the most after breakups! Well, fear not, as regular exercise will make back pain a thing of the past.

Healthy Diet

Another obvious one, however, compared to exercising, this one is much much harder. It’s not your fault, though. It’s just how our society is built. Unless you cook for yourself every day (which let’s be honest most of us don’t have the time for), eating healthy is much more expensive compared to eating junk food.

However, we humans are persistent creatures. With a bit of effort and persistence, anything is possible. You have to take the time to look for restaurants that ACTUALLY serve healthy options. Many catering services offer healthy food. A lot of people run personal food businesses from their homes; they are also a viable option.

Another good option is to cook food in bulk and refrigerate them. Have lots of fresh veggies, fruits, nuts, and healthy proteins. A 3-day cooking interval is usually best. Lastly, avoid processed food at all costs! Almost all processed food is full of excess sugar and salt.

Start eating healthy, and you’ll be reaping the benefits in no time. Just like with exercise, you’ll be rid of chest pains, joint pains, and muscle aches. Your bones and muscles will strengthen, and your heart will be much healthier.

Ditch smoking and alcohol

Now we’re really kicking the difficulty up. If you don’t smoke or drink alcohol, great. But sadly, most of us do. Let’s be honest, all of us need a little break once in a while, and what better way to take a break than some recreational drugs! Jokes aside, you should really consider quitting or at least drink/smoke in moderation to lead a healthy, pain-free life.

We all know the routine by now. Smoking will mess up your lungs and heart, which will inevitably lead to breathing issues and heart diseases. Chronic chest pain is basically sealed onto every smoker.

Alcohol, not counting some very awkward social interactions, will really hurt your body. Occasionally drinking is fine (light drinking is even beneficial for the heart), but it’s severely devastating when it becomes a routine. Heavy alcohol consumption can cause liver cirrhosis, liver cancer, gastric problems, and more.

If you’re willing to quit, seeking help from a health professional or close ones is essential, as studies have found that it’s harder to quit without peer support. Consult a doctor to deal with withdrawal symptoms.

Sufficient sleep

Let’s end on a much easier note. People often undervalue the benefits of sufficient sleep. Trust me, 7-8 hours of good quality regular sleep will drastically change your life for the better.

Good sleep will keep your heart healthy and your life stress-free, which means fewer heart-related diseases and chest pains. Sleep also reduces inflammation. Inflammation causes a greater risk of heart-related illness, as well as cancer and diabetes.

Lack of proper sleep can impact the balance of hormones in the body, affecting appetite and messing up your diet. And lastly, sleep helps to repair the body from all the damage caused by stress and UV rays.

So this was it. Five ways you can live a healthy, pain-free life. You can significantly change your life by following these steps. Hopefully, all of you will follow these!

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