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Stylish Halloween Manicures

If you want to decorate your nails with Halloween motifs but you do not like stridencies, here you have a little inspiration to get a stylish manicure.

Halloween night has become a great opportunity to get out of the monotony when it comes to makeup. Whether you prefer to dress up, or if you have a little wink in your “look,” the Internet is a great source of inspiration to get original and colorful designs. Especially it is in the field of manicure, where professionals and nail art enthusiasts strive at this time to get the most applauded designs.

Now, although you may choose to customize your nails to celebrate Halloween, you prefer discreet manicure designs, based on subtle details and full of charm. That is precisely what we propose in this selection of manicures for Halloween 2019 with style. The idea is to get proposals that are not too strident so that you can wear them beyond the night of the dead.

Simple Halloween nails

Check out the proposals we have selected, ranging from patterns and prints to charming Halloween topical details.


The current trend of “ombre” manicures can give us a lot of play on Halloween night when it comes to wearing custom nails. Choose a couple of colors and apply them with a sponge to get that flagrant gradient effect.

The blood-red will get a perfect effect to accompany your costume, although you can also play with other colors such as pumpkin orange, bottle green, or the combination of black and white.

Versatile prints

In addition to allegedly terrifying, Halloween night can be a very fun night, which can accommodate costumes of all kinds (not just scary). And the same happens with manicures: it is not essential to resort to blood, skulls, and monsters. It can be quite worthwhile to get a manicure worthy of such a celebration without using any of the typical terror resources.

This is the case of this polka dot design that achieves this effect by combining two of the most present colors on Halloween night: orange and black. If you prefer something simpler, you can repeat the pattern with the same combination of colors on all nails, and you will get a perfectly valid manicure for later days.

Or if you prefer something even simpler, you can bet on a minimalist design like this, for which we recommend that you use the orange tone as the protagonist, since it evokes pumpkins and autumn in general.

The combination of black and white with orange also evokes the night of the dead in this chess pattern manicure.

Also, in black and white, we love this proposal inspired by cat eyes because a black cat can never be missing on a Halloween night.

And what do you think of this red and black manicure that integrates a striped design in the purest «Beetlejuice» style? It is perfect to combine with a costume that has these colors and can look smoothly in the days after the night of the costumes.


And if you are looking for something discreet and delicate to decorate your nails facing October 31, we suggest you leave your manicure naked with the only decoration of some stars like these. You can use nail polish with a shine to get a more special effect even if you use black enamel as the basis for the design.

A very original and somewhat more striking design is this kind of patchwork print Halloween version that reminds us of Frankenstein’s character, for example. Although it is ideal for Halloween night, it will not clash in later days as it is colorful and flattering design.

The classics, chic version

The spider web is a resource widely repeated in the Halloween nail designs. But although you will find quite striking ideas on the Web, you can always choose to use the motif only on a nail, getting a minimalist design like this.

After all, a black manicure is a trend, and such a subtle detail will allow you to look this day after the night of 31.

Spiders are another of the most repeated elements on any terrifying night. You can make them stand out what you want in your manicure, taking into account that you can wear them on a natural tone base or any more striking color, such as this pumpkin orange. You will only need a manicure brush to get a definition in your design.

This manicure with small bats is also an example of a discreet design that does not lack detail. To do this, after applying the base color (purple, in this case), we can simulate the mist by applying white nail polish with a sponge and drawing the bats with a brush as the last step.

In a minimalist key, we can highlight this original and simple manicure with cat eyes whose elaboration is explained below.

And we can’t think of a more sophisticated way to recreate a bloody manicure than this one with natural-tone nails.

Nautical Manicures

If you prefer fun but discreet nail designs to celebrate the night of October 31, nothing better than to give life to your manicure with discreet spooky motifs.

Like these enigmatic bulging eyes, you can draw on a simple manicure in a dark tone. The same would be to do it on black enamel (matt or glossy, as you like), although it would also work on purple, dark blue, or orange nails. You can even make the design positive, with a white background. Although no doubt the effect will be greater with black, as seen in the image.

Half adorable and half creepy are these cute white ghosts of simple elaboration. You will only need black and white enamels to simulate the eyes and the typical sheet of these essential characters on any night of terror. To get symmetry in the eyes, we recommend some templates, while the triangles of the bottom can be done perfectly with the help of a nail brush.

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That the manicure is inspired by Halloween is not incompatible with being sweet and flirtatious at the same time. The perfect example is these nails in pink tones and with discreet black and white motifs, valid beyond the night of October 31.

In a more autumnal key, we find ideas like this one that includes a pumpkin and could perfectly be used for day to day, especially for its combination of perfect tones for the season.

Do you already know how your nails will look on Halloween night?

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