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Benefits of switching to powder scrub

Switching to Powder Scrub

We discovered this Galenic scrub that you can share with your partner, that does not expire, and that adapts to the variable needs of your skin.

Exfoliation is, in many cases, the pending account of many women who want to take care of their skin and renew it. They remove dead cells, soften the skin, help close open pores. You are used to scrubs that come in cream, but we have just discovered a new format that will interest you for many different reasons. We talked about the Purete Sublime de Galenic powder scrub that will conquer you.

“It is an exceptional scrub for an ultrasoft face, smoother and brighter in a few seconds,” they explain from the brand. Its objective was to create through this powder scrub care that transforms the skin relief in a few seconds, respecting all skin types, even the most delicate ones.

«In the search for the perfect formula, I have selected several powders: the scrubbing pine powder, the white detoxifying clay, and the mattifying talc. To conserve their potency and dose them to the fullest, I have created an anhydrous / no water / dry formula, without preservatives, which, when directly in contact with the skin, ensures an optimal action”, points out its formulator.

The main active ingredient of the powder scrub is the granitic water of the Pyrenees, and the complementary assets are pine dust (which mechanically exfoliates the skin’s surface to smooth and brighten it), white clay powder (detoxifies impurities) and rock dust (mattifies and performs an antibilious action).

Galenic scrub

This white scrub powder is transformed into a fine foam when massaged with water. And don’t miss its delicate aroma with fresh olfactory notes of white flowers, jasmine, and thrush. For Yamila Asadi, head of Galénic training, it is one of the most interesting products. “It is a very interesting scrub because it does not contain preservatives or dyes, it is a mineral powder with a series of components that make it compatible with all skin types, it also has an astringent action without drying and mattifying,” he says.

Stresses that it has no expiration because while it is not emulsified, it remains stable and above all, that it offers the possibility of regulating the intensity of the exfoliation depending on the amount of powder used. “They can even be used by different family members with different skin needs,” he tells Bulevar Sur.

How powder scrub is used

You can apply the powder scrub one to three times per week, depending on your skin type and needs. Don’t forget to always start with completely clean and moist skin. My personal advice is to do it at night because the skin regenerates more at night, and we accelerate it, exfoliating releases the dead cells that we know that asphyxiates the skin, turns off the skin, and leaves it devitalized, catrina. We release it, we remove that wall, and everything that we put will penetrate deeper and deeper layers. The scrub is like soft sandpaper that makes the skin at the level of granule and texture is finer and brighter,” explains Yamila.

Step by Step

  1. Slightly moisten the hands before pouring 3 or 4 bumps of salt shaker into the palm.
  2. Spread the powder scrub between the hands
  3. Make a massage on the face with circular movements, from the inside to the outside. For the most convincing smooth skin effect, insist on the nose, chin, forehead, and around the nostrils. «Always from the area of ​​the forehead down, circularly the forehead, then we go to the nose area, cheek on each side and nasogenian groove and neck and neckline for a more intense action we let it act a minute,» the expert points out.
  4. Rinse with water and apply the usual treatment.

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