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Dr. Vinay Malviya, Michigan Gynecologic Oncologist And Surgeon, And The Rhythms Of Health Care

In health care, like many other professions, there are distinct patterns. Professionals become accustomed to working with each other, developing rapport, and anticipating each other’s participation in the common goal of treating patients. Being willing to help another, no matter the timing, circumstance or difficulty of the case. Call it the rhythms of health care.

Dr. Vinay Malviya, a widely respected Michigan gynecological oncologist and surgeon, retired last year after more than 40 years of medical practice. As he did, many colleagues remembered some of those small tokens of regard or habits that we often take for granted in the daily rush. As poet and singer Joni Mitchell noted in one of her most famous songs, Big Yellow Taxi, “Don’t it always seem to go; That you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone.”

One colleague even might have that song in mind when noting:

“Dr. Malviya, you are truly missed by all. We really miss your smooth and efficient techniques. Boy, oh boy, do we miss you! You never know how much is a good thing until it’s gone. I hope they are treating you right at Huron Valley. You are truly a very skilled and dedicated doctor who loves his patients. Take care and continue to do this wonderful work of saving lives.”

Others noted how much they looked forward to working with Dr. Vinay Malviya, almost as part of a natural flow of life:

“Dr. Malviya, I really miss you and all the cases we did together. I have known and worked with you for many years and have nothing but great admiration and respect for the talented physician and human being that you are. I wish you all the best in the future. God Bless and Stay healthy. Hope our paths will cross in the future.”

“Super DOC! I miss you the most! Thank you for making many, many of my Mondays the best. Thank you.”

“Dr. Malviya, no one misses you more! My favorite Dr. to work with. Your absence has left a hole no one will ever fill. Mondays will never be the same. Hope your new OR people appreciate your dedication to patient care as much as we did/do.”

Perhaps there is a reason why such tributes followed so naturally from Dr. Vinay Malviya’s colleagues: it was the nature of the man and doctor. As someone who knew Dr. Vinay Malviya for many years expressed so simply and elegantly:

“To my modest, unassuming, amazing friend who was so kind and concerned when I had breast cancer.

It has been an honor and a pleasure to practice medicine with you all these years. Your care and concern for my patients have been extraordinary, as are your surgical judgment and skills.

You have seen my patients at 11 PM the day of consultation for large masses as you felt it was the right thing to do. You have fit in patients for urgent surgery (Mondays) so many times and especially if they were Nurses or Doctors because they were ‘one of us.’

Many, many times, you were on standby for me on a tough benign case and dropped everything you were doing to help…caesarian hysterectomy included.

So many of my patients are living good lives today because of your care and kindness. I see one almost every day, as there are so many you have helped over the years. They revere you! Everyone has nothing but kind words for you and appreciation.

They say there is no one like Dr. Malviya, and I agree! Please know that we all love you and wish you all the best! You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

Sincerely, your friend.”

To learn more about Dr. Vinay Malviya and his remarkable 40-year career in medicine, please visit his websites: www.drmalviya.com and www.vinaymalviya.com.

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