5 injuries that call for a pharmaceutical lawyer
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5 Injuries That Call for a Pharmaceutical Lawyer

It’s no secret that big pharma rakes in billions annually. It’s a big business with big profits so they rarely care about the damages done to individuals along the way. Suffering injuries of this nature can leave you searching for a pharmaceutical lawyer who can represent your interests and help you recover the damages you deserve for your injuries.

Many law firms automatically refer cases involving medication to a specialized pharmaceutical lawyer, but we have the skills and experience to litigate these trials successfully for our clients. It can sometimes be difficult to understand what constitutes a pharmaceutical injury so here are 5  injuries that call for a pharmaceutical lawyer.

Organ Failure

Some pharmaceutical side effects can be quite lengthy and complex, even causing organ failure. Drugs go through extensive testing and clinical trials before being approved by the FDA but there are many cases where pharmaceuticals are used for other illnesses than their intended purpose. Unfortunately, the results can be tragic.


Not only are some pharmaceutical medications proven carcinogens, but some have been known to cause specific types of cancer. This information can often be proven through the results of the extensive clinical trials required for FDA approval. When a pharmaceutical medication causes cancer as a side effect it can leave you searching for a pharmaceutical lawyer.

Increase Stroke Risk

Some medications and pharmaceuticals have been known to raise blood pressure and increase the risk of stroke. Sometimes they can do both. This may be a side effect of a particular medication, or it can be caused by interactions with other pharmaceuticals. Medical professionals often try to consider the other medications patients are prescribed because certain mixtures can be dangerous.

Heart Damage

When taking medication damages your heart, the end result can be devastating. You may be left with debilitating effects that prevent you from living a normal life. If medications damage your heart causing extensive medical trauma, it may be time to find a pharmaceutical lawyer to represent you.

Sudden Death

Each year over 100,000 people die in hospitals because of pharmaceutical side effects. These are instances where the medications have been dispensed properly, by a prescribing physician and the result is the sudden death of the patient. Tragically, the number of sudden death cases caused by medication is probably much higher than what is recorded in hospitals every year.

Drug Companies Don’t Settle

Big pharma is a billion-dollar industry in the United States and they have teams of attorneys working for them. A pharmaceutical company will never settle a case out of court with an individual. No matter what type of damages you have suffered, they will force you to file a lawsuit to recover any type of compensation.

Hire a Skilled Pharmaceutical Lawyer

If you have suffered serious injury as a direct result of taking medications, call a skilled litigator to represent you as your pharmaceutical lawyer. Pharmaceutical cases are complex cases that require a comprehensive and specific skill set. If you’ve suffered any of these tragic side effects resulting from medications, you don’t have to suffer in silence. Contact an experienced pharmaceutical lawyer who can recover the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

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