When to Get a Mobile IV Therapy
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When to Get a Mobile IV

IV means intravenous, referring to delivering medication and fluid into the body through the veins. IV fluid contains minerals, vitamins, or drugs given through an injection or IV drip to the veins, allowing the therapy to move faster through the bloodstream.

This treatment method is administered by healthcare professionals, primarily nurses, for different reasons, including medical emergencies and dehydration. This therapy can also be used to deal with symptoms of hangovers, morning sickness, flu, and cold.

Mobile IV treatment follows a simple procedure, and the process is usually quick. Generally, you’ll be seated in a comfortable position throughout the process. The nurse will disinfect the injection site, and the needle will be placed in a vein directly. Typically, the arm is used during the IV therapy, but other parts may be possible too.

After inserting the IV, the nurse checks the pump and confirms its correct delivery rate. This therapy may be delivered through an electronic or a manual pump. The fluid flows through the catheter before entering the body. From there, the IV bag is emptied into the bloodstream directly. This method is faster than administering orally.

When to Get Mobile IV

There are different reasons why you made need IV therapy. So, what you need it for may determine when you should get one.

Hangover relief: you may need to get an IV if you’ve overindulged yourself at night out and are feeling awful after waking up. Common symptoms that you may feel are pounding headache, dry mouth, upset digestive system, etc. If it’s a bad hangover, then you may be unable to concentrate throughout the day, meaning you’ll be unproductive. Many people take a cup of coffee or take OTC painkillers with a big glass of water. However, IV remedy is a very effective way to remedy the situation. IV therapy for hangovers includes fluids to rehydrate the body, medications to deal with the symptoms of headache, nausea, and heartburn, and vitamins for improving energy levels.

Recovering athletic performance: the body may feel sore and drained after completing an intense workout session or after an athletic performance. It may be a weightlifting session at the gym, or you’ve just completed a marathon run. You’re going to need a boost after all of that activity. You can get IV therapy, which boosts your recovery as an athlete after exerting yourself. A recovery IV therapy will include several different components made specifically to help athletes go through their recovery period. The fluids will rehydrate you, while the antioxidants, amino acids, and vitamins will repair damaged tissues and increase energy levels.

Immune system support: you can get IV therapy to support your immune systems to fight against illnesses and infections. While the immune system is always at work fighting off illness and keeping us healthy, we still fall sick. So, if you’ve caught a bug or are worried that you may fall ill, then you can get IV treatment to boost the immune system. The immune system IV therapy will include several minerals and vitamins to help improve your immune system and help you recover faster or reduce the chance of falling sick.

Flu and cold relief: if you get yourself knocked down and feel the symptoms of flu or cold; you can get some relief with IV therapy. Getting this therapy for flu and cold ensures that you remain hydrated. It also includes minerals and vitamins that get your immune system up and running and can get the bug out of your body. Additionally, anti-nausea and anti-inflammatory medications can help you relieve flu and cold symptoms, such as fever, headache, body aches, and coughing.

Alleviation of pregnancy symptoms: The body is stressed tremendously during pregnancy, and it undergoes several changes. A common experience for pregnant women is morning sickness, and this is a frustrating experience as you try to focus on your and your growing baby’s health. Several environmental factors may trigger this, like the smell, and it can cause vomiting and stomach upset. Although these symptoms naturally subside as you progress in the pregnancy; they can disrupt your daily life and are very uncomfortable. The IV treatment of morning sickness reduces the unpleasant symptoms and effects of morning sickness and helps the pregnant woman stay hydrated. This treatment includes medications and vitamins to deal with nausea and vomiting and fluids for hydration.


The IV treatment is fast and effective. There are many reasons you may need to get one ranging from hangover relief to athletic recovery, alleviating pregnancy symptoms, boosting the immune system, etc.

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