solving the weight loss puzzle
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Solving the weight loss puzzle

As the holiday season quickly approaches, family outings and seeing family and friends are inevitable. As a result, many tend to grow concerned about their appearance, especially their weight. What are some great ways to lose weight before the holiday season approaches? Let us dive In.

According to Fairfax personal trainer Eric Leader, in its most fundamental form, for weight loss to take place, one must burn more calories than they consume. For instance, if you work a sedentary job and do not burn many calories throughout the day, then your caloric consumption should not be high. On the other end of the spectrum, if you work a very laborious job, then you can consume more calories and not gain weight.

Given that thought process, it is essential to know how many calories you are taking in daily. To know your caloric consumption, it is especially important to document your consumption. There are many apps, such as my fitness pal, or just simply keeping a journal to make sure that you are aware of how many calories you are taken in during the day. By knowing your caloric intake, and seeing the subsequent measurement on the scale, you can get an idea as to what your caloric intake should be to put you in a deficit.

Of course, a caloric deficit can also be achieved with exercise. According to Every Body’s Personal Trainer, when we exercise, we burn calories not only during the exercise but after the exercise is completed as well. By burning these calories, we are putting ourselves in a more positive end of the calories in versus calories out equation. These excess calories burned will help us lose weight in the end.

Another important trick to help yourself lose weight is to set goals. At the end of the day, we are all motivated by results, and sometimes results can take some time. By jotting down some short-term, midterm, and long-range goals achieving them can keep you motivated along your journey. Make sure that your goals are both specific and attainable.

Another great tip is to notify as many friends, family, co-workers as you can about your goals. Sometimes we need accountability, and by letting others know about our goals, they can help to keep us accountable. For instance, if you decide to bring pizza in for dinner, your significant other might say to you this is not on your diet, which may stop you from indulging.

Joining social networks with like-minded goals can also be a great way to help you lose weight. Social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have support groups for those looking to lose weight. By making friends and socializing on these groups, you can only learn tips that work for others, but you will also have a support group to help you along the journey which can be an emotional one.

In closing weight loss is not a Sprint more like a marathon. To see results it is going to take consistency over time, the old Rome was not built in a day philosophy. However, as long as you are disciplined with your diet and your exercise plan and doing it on a consistent basis, you’ll see great results.

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