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House Moves For Fitness Lovers: Quick Tips To Stay Fit During House Moves

If you’re a fitness enthusiast, chances are you love working out so much you don’t want to get away from your equipment or the gym. In turn, you either work close to popular gyms, live near training locations, or even live right next door! After all, when the workout calls, we can’t resist the urge to just get out there and have a nice routine. However, chances are, you might have to relocate and move houses – be it for work, school, or just opening a new chapter in your life in general. If you’re a fitness fan, this can get frustrating, as you’ll be leaving your second home in the gym or your backyard. However, this doesn’t necessarily have to become bad news.

In fact, with some tips and tricks, you can make sure your house moves still lets you get that workout going and stay to your routine as possible. With the right preparation and planning, moving houses can still help you stay in touch with your fitness tradition. Here are some tips:

Incorporate your routine whenever you go out of the house

It’s inevitable that you have to go out of the house to do some errands – be it for school, for work, or even for your house. For instance, if you’re moving to Manhattan, you might need to submit some requirements and documentation for your homeownership. Instead of spending money on gas, you might want to walk or commute your way there. That way, you can burn calories with your physical activity, even if you have to skip your workout of the day to do those errands. Moreover, this is a great way for you to discover new gyms, workout areas, and running pathways as you visit your new area.

Try to incorporate lifts and cardio while you pack

Packing is inevitably going to be a stressful process, and you’ll end up sweaty and in need of a bath by the time you’ve finished sorting through your stuff and finalizing the things you need. The thing is, if you’re going to get sweaty by packing, you might as well try incorporating a proper routine into the mix. For instance, try to maintain proper posture while you lift things, or even try to do reps while lifting things in the first place. You may even want to incorporate faster and slower movement while you pack, so you can integrate a bit of a cardio workout while you pack your things. This makes packing a bit longer, sure, but that still lets you finish both your routine for the day and your assigned packing at the same time.

Prepare healthy snacks and food in advance as you pack

Of course, chances are, by the time you pack your things, you’re going to be too busy to cook meals for yourself. This means you might rely on takeout and other instant food, which aren’t always the healthiest options for your fitness goals. To avoid any potential trouble with your health while you’re busy packing your things, you should incorporate healthy eating and snacking before you start the packing process. When you organize your inventory, try to take note of perishables you have, fruits and vegetables in your fridge, and meat you have available and start planning the meals you’ll eat throughout the move. That way, you can prepare packed lunches and snacks in advance to maintain healthy eating while you’re busy with the move.

Get professional assistance so you can focus on fitness

If you’re having a hard time streamlining your current moving timeline with your schedule, perhaps you can rely on professionals such as moving companies to handle the heavy-lifting. Thanks to their expertise, skillset, tools, and manpower, they may be able to handle things such as packing and moving your things so you can focus on maintaining your body’s shape. With this process, you can focus on your current workout routine and schedule without being interrupted. This is also helpful if you’re maintaining a strict schedule or preparing for some sort of fitness event or marathon. That way, you won’t get interrupted by your move and still make sure it pushes through. Moreover, you know you can check up on your service providers at your own pace while knowing that work is still getting done for your move. Get in touch with Mayflower movers if you’re looking for a reliable company.

Don’t feel stuck inside anymore

We don’t know about you, but all this talk of the Covid-19 pandemic has made us feel like prisoners in our own homes. It’s been tough maintaining any semblance of routine with everything that has been going on; we’re lucky if we can even find time to eat right or work out! But if you want to keep your gains and avoid losing muscle mass, the best thing is probably just sticking with what you’ve always done at the gym. If there are no gyms nearby, try using weighted vests as a better alternative to wrist weights. While doing bodyweight exercises with these vests, you’ll maintain the workout routine without having to go anywhere. Do you have any tips for working out from home during an epidemic? Please share them below!

Moving For Fitness Fans: Make It Work For You

With the above tips in mind, it’s important to remember that as a fitness fan, you can still find a way to ensure your house moves lets you stay in shape as often as possible. Be it finding a new surf spot as soon as possible or trying to get work in the nearby gym or park; there’s always a way to get back to your love with fitness. Thankfully, the above tips hopefully have reinvigorated your drive to search for better ways to fulfill your fitness habit while you’re moving homes.


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