Realising The Need to Be Aware Of Mental Health Illness
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Realising The Need to Be Aware Of Mental Health Illness

Mental health problems exist just like the moon and sun within our periphery. But it is not as easy to understand as every other disease. Instead, it is detected by understanding the symptoms more. And in most of the cases, the symptoms are quite hidden and confusing to catch correctly. 

Mental problems affect 20% of the adults in the population, 51% of the teenagers, and 15% of kids every year. And in actual, the mental disorder is taken as a social taboo, therefore, in most cases are left undiagnosed. You might not know but, people living near to you are suffering from mental health disorders. They may be your neighbors, your friends, colleagues, or family members. However, only a few of them affected get the treatment, often due to the dishonor attached to mental health.

When kept untreated, mental disorder can lead to massive medical outlay, lower performance at daily workplaces, getting employment becomes the challenging thing and double risk of suicide.

Divergence thrives, on both hands; from countries to specific units. It is disgraceful that 40-55% of individuals struggling with serious mental health disabilities in the Global North get nill treatment. But that count approximately increases to 76-85% for individuals dwelling in the South.

Similarly, it is seen in stages of mobilization of the conservative civil society (a fatal aspect in any active response). Many organizations performing for people with mental health disorders and psychosocial ailments are found in only 51% of inferior incoming countries, comparing to 85% of superior incoming countries.

Introduction To Mental Illness Or Disorder

A mental disorder is a physical disability of the brain that creates disability in thought process, behavior changes, emotions that causes difficulties to confront the everyday needs of life. However, research is beginning to bring light to the confusing generations of these diseases, which can be including brain chemistry, genetics, brain structure, trauma experiences or having some other medical problems, namely heart disease.

The two types of most common mental illnesses are:

Anxiety Disorders – More than 23% of the adult population suffers from some common types of anxiety disorder every year, which includes obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), panic disorder (panic attacks), concluded anxiety disorder and some specific phobias.

Mood Disorders – Mood disorders like depression and bipolar depression(BD), affect approximately 12% of adults every year. And they are classified by difficulties in circulating the person’s mood.

Impacts Of Mental Illness

Mental health illness eventually impacts on problems such as object misuse, abuse, alcohol, and both male and female based violence. Therefore, a decline in the recognition of mental illness has its consequences for the whole society.

Health Services for Mental Disorder must be included as a pivotal part of health organizations and must be neat in need of global primary health care services.

Very essentially, any reaction to the universal challenges of mental health will only fulfil if it deals with the different political, social and economic impetus of the issue.

April 7, World Health Day should present the motivation for changing how we perceive, and answer to the issue of mental illness, to give the problem the importance it demands and deserves.

What Can Be Helpful For People Suffering from Mental Illness

Nonetheless, the common idea about mental illness has changed a lot in a few years. Moreover, it has come in front, and people are talking about this more nowadays. On the contrary, this mental illness, aka mental disabilities, is still taken as a social gossip or a social taboo. More because of the stereotypes or conceptions formed by the media channels and the shortage of education all around about mental sickness. People still take it in a negative turn when it comes to mental diseases, and will not compare the similarities or differences with the other severe illnesses or disorders like heart, kidney, cancer, etc.

The fear of gossip and negative stereotypes withhold one’s will to take the treatment. Even the resources of providing the proper treatment also vary due to this fear of negativity only. Therefore, what we can do to help them, let’s see:

  • Show respect and acceptance- This deletes a particular obstruction to cope with their illness correctly. If people see you as just like any other person and not as your illness can make the real change for someone who is suffering for their mental health.
  • Judging them equally helps to ensure these individuals who have mental illness possess the same rights and opportunities as other people of your community.
  • Taking more in-depth knowledge about mental health leads us to give helpful backing to those affected within our near ones and society.

People Talk About Us= Sad; People Talk To Us=Happy

The society does not realize that the people suffering from mental helplessness, wants us to be normal when around them and not exaggerate anything. At most, they generally do not want to talk about their fears or traumas, but if we can lure them into talking about their problems, it gets more comfortable for them to cope with their already messed up life.

Resources, Webinars, Websites And Different Mental Health Management Organizations

  • The Institute of Neurosciences,
  • National Council For Behavioral Health,
  • BetterHelp,
  • Mental Health America,
  • Cigna,
  • Mann Mukti,
  • Social Work Career,
  • Syracuse University,
  • Anxiety And Depression Association Of America(ADAA),
  • Psyche Alive,
  • Mind Wise Innovations,
  • National Centre On Domestic Violence, Trauma & Mental Health,

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