3 topics you need to study so you can pass your nutrition certification
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3 topics you need to study so you can pass your nutrition certification

If you are in the process of learning how to become a certified nutritionist; there are a variety of topics that you must study – and be well-versed in – so you can pass the nutrition certification and be well on your way to helping others achieve a healthy lifestyle! If you enjoy working with people to help them make smart decisions regarding their food intake and lifestyle choices, becoming a nutritionist is the best job for you – you can work with regular people, athletes, and children who are struggling to get the right nutrients in their daily lives. By helping others achieve the best balance in their life; you can ensure that you positively help others lead a more active and healthy lifestyle.

But what is the process of earning your nutrition certification? What topics do you need to study so you can be 100% positive you will pass the final exam? Let’s see three topics that you absolutely must know inside and out when it comes to taking your nutrition certification from the American Sports & Fitness Association.

The 3 must-know topics for your nutrition certification

First off – what does a certified nutritionist do? What jobs can you do if you earn this title? A certified nutritionist can help others through dietary recommendations, customized health plans, and eating plans that will help someone become healthier through nutrition. A certified nutritionist usually works with people who have health conditions, like diabetes, chronic illnesses, eating disorders, or heart disease and leads a balanced lifestyle. By assessing the needs of their unique client – through dietary analysis, their lifestyle, and their calorie needs – a nutritionist will be able to get information on how to best help their client.

Nutritional science

The first must-study topic of becoming a certified nutritionist is the nutritional science topic. To pass your nutrition certification; you need to know about the scope of your practice, the food preferences and influences that can affect someone’s individual health, how to implement healthy diets into an individual’s life, finding out the energy balance to monitor food intake, and the different nutrient types in food (proteins, fats, and carbohydrates).

Behavior strategies

The second topic that is essential to earning your nutrition certification is behavior change strategies. This topic addresses how you can work with your client to drive change in their thinking and their way of living. By learning how to coach, how to speak, and how to motivate our license, you can effectively help your client lead a healthier life.

Nutrition coaching

The last topic that you need to know for your nutrition certification is the coaching aspect. You will have to learn how to assess the client, how to describe to them the food labels and portion sizes, help them navigate daily challenges, and how to adhere to a district diet.


Becoming a certified nutritionist is hard work. You will have to learn about how to speak with your clients, how to motivate them to adhere to strict diets, how to understand food labels and the science behind nutrition, and how to coach your client to success. To pass your nutrition certification test; you need to be well-versed in these three topics to have a shot at passing the class!

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