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Ketogenic Coffee: What You Should Know

Ketogenic coffee has become fashionable in recent years. Its popularity comes from implementing low-carbohydrate diets, which can generate good effects on the state of body composition and health. The idea of ​​combining coffee with butter comes from here, which makes this drink a more nutritionally dense product.

Both coffee and butter are 2 items that have sparked a lot of debate among nutrition experts, saturated fats and caffeine. It was recommended to reduce both consumptions for a long time to avoid pathologies, although the trend has now changed.

How is keto coffee prepared?

The best way to make keto coffee is by combining naturally roasted organic coffee, without milk or sugar, with organic butter from grass-fed animals. In this way, a high energy density product is obtained that is characterized by its contribution of antioxidants and short and medium-chain fatty acids.

We are talking about a preparation that has been shown to generate specific positive effects for health. For example, regular consumption of phytochemicals from coffee is associated with reducing mortality from any cause, regardless of whether or not it contains caffeine. This is evidenced by research published in the European Journal of Epidemiology.

On the other hand; there are no good quality reviews that show the detrimental effects of butter consumption in the medium term. The most recent research confirms that saturated fatty acids could impact the body in a very different way than was suspected years ago; without being harmful to the functioning of the human body.

The Nutritional Density of Ketogenic Coffee

Among the nutrients that ketogenic coffee contains, special mention must be vitamin D, present in butter. The most common is to present a deficit of this compound in the body due to most people’s low exposure to sunlight, and this phenomenon generates a greater risk of becoming ill from any cause.

To cushion this impact, it is recommended to increase the dietary intake of the vitamin; apart from promoting frequent radiation exposure. This is the only way to cover the requirements of a nutrient that has a very decisive influence on health. Otherwise, supplementation would have to be resorted to.

On the other hand, ketogenic coffee generates other benefits related to body composition. Thanks to its caffeine content and the presence of fatty acids in its interior; it could stimulate the mobilization and oxidation of lipids to produce energy. In this way, progressive weight loss is caused.

Butter coffee and fasting

If keto coffee already has benefits, these can be enhanced if combined with an intermittent fasting protocol. In this case, the drink would be consumed first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach.

With this, a strong feeling of satiety will be generated to make the protocol more bearable. In turn, essential nutrients are provided that improve the body’s functioning.

Of course, as always happens with coffee, this drink should not be abuse. The limiting factor, in this case, would be not only its caffeine content but also its higher energy density.

It is not advisable to unbalance the nutritional balance in favor of intake since this could cause a gain in fat weight that increases the risk of getting sick.

Ketogenic coffee, a healthy product

As you have seen, ketogenic coffee is consider as a healthy drink. It is possible to find it already prepared and in powder form in certain supplement stores. However, there is also the option of making it at home by mixing good quality coffee with organic butter or coconut oil.

In any case, this product must be combine with other healthy lifestyle habits to achieve good health in the medium term. In this sense, it will be necessary to promote physical activity regularly and ensure a good night’s rest.


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