Is Your Loved One Addicted To Alcohol 7 Signs To Watch For
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Is Your Loved One Addicted To Alcohol: 7 Signs To Watch For

The clutches of addiction are dangerous!

However, no matter how deadly it is, it is still not the end of the world. If the addiction is detected and acknowledged at the right time, one can get rid of it in the healthiest way possible.

When someone is suffering from an addiction like alcohol, their body gets dependent on the substance.

But there is a fine silver lining!

If a body can be manipulated to think that it needs alcohol, with a little effort and psychological therapy, the opposite can be achieved as well. Thus if you know someone suffering from alcohol addiction, then immediately enroll them in a detox center.

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How To Differentiate From The Patient To A Regular Drinker?

Yes, it can be a challenge!

Because drinking alcohol in social settings is very common in many countries. So, how do you differentiate between the drinker and someone who is suffering from an addiction?

Someone could be drinking once in a blue moon, and someone could be drinking every day, and they both can look normal.

Yet, there is a way to tell the difference, and here is how you are going to do it.

Underneath mentioned are the seven tell-tale signs of recognizing if someone is going through alcohol addiction.

Developing A Tolerance Towards Alcohol

Are you seeing someone chugging alcohol like anything and still not getting drunk!

When your body has already received so much alcohol, it gets habituated to the substance. The psychological effects that one feels right after drinking do not come easy for a person going through alcohol addiction.

The amount of alcohol that has some kind of effect on a normal body has surpassed them.

Drinking Over The Limit

This is not very uncommon, especially if someone is not getting drunk with the normal amount.

The whole purpose of drinking alcohol, or worse, catching an addiction, is to escape the stressful reality for the time being. Unfortunately, if this is not happening with just one glass, someone is bound to pour themselves three more.

If you are suspicious about a friend or a close one suffering from addiction, try to count the number of glasses they are consuming till the alcohol finally has some effect. You will know.

Always Having Huge Stack Of Alcohol At Home

Having alcohol at your place is not uncommon, but there is a difference. It is definitely subtle, but it is there!

For example, you are seeing your friend stashing their place with alcohol. Or always finding ways to get an alcohol supply. Too many empty bottles are the biggest red flag that you can get.

If this is the case, it is high time that you have a talk with them.

Getting Overly Drunk

Yes, the normal amount does not affect them, but at the same time, they are drinking more than the limit.

As a result, when it is finally hitting them, they lose all sense of reality. Hence, falling and stumbling, plus getting into conflicting situations. Their inhibition is also lowered to the point of no return.

If you are finding yourself literally carrying your friend each time you go out drinking, with a bill that can easily drill a hole through your pocket, there is a problem.

Withdrawal Symptoms When Not Drinking

Let’s say you had a talk with them, and in utter denial, they have challenged themselves to not drink.

It is still a good thing, even though they are doing this to prove themselves to you. However, are they really able to?

Are you seeing them getting irritated and borderline hostile on the days they are not able to drink? Or, do they suddenly seem to be suffering from depression or anxiety?

These could be the earliest withdrawal symptoms they are facing from aversion to alcohol.

Every Social Setting Requires Alcohol

  • They got promoted; they must drink.
  • They are happy; they must drink.
  • They are going out for brunch; they must drink.
  • They are sad; they must drink.

Has this become a common pattern for them? Then the problem is staring right at your face. They might not see it or deliberately ignore it, but you shouldn’t do the same.

You should try and at least talk to them or book them an appointment with a therapist if they are not comfortable talking to a close one.

Failing In Fulfilling Responsibilities

No matter how much a patient tries to act ‘normal,’ the normal people around them will be able to understand the change in behavior.

Especially if they always look tired or hungover. They are taking too many sick leaves because they are unable to get up in the morning. Plus, not being able to fulfill their duties in school or at their job.

How You Should Handle The Situation

Rather than getting too frustrated with their behavior, you must handle it with care.

  • What your friends or close ones want right now is someone who can understand the situation and support them.
  • Talk to them about the different recovery and detoxification programs that they can join. Plus, ask them if therapy is something that can help them.
  • Have an intervention with a group of people who really care about the patient. Of course, this is only when the person suffering from the addiction seems to be in denial.
  • Look for good in-patient detoxification because the doctors and professionals there can provide extra care while fulfilling all the other needs.

Get Help!

Now that you know the common signs and signals, and there is someone in the family who might be suffering from alcohol addiction, do not get scared.

The first thing is determination and then getting a plan ready.

With your support and the right help, these loved ones will definitely recover from this painful addiction.

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