Helpful Tips in Choosing Your Personal Gym Trainer
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Helpful Tips in Choosing Your Personal Gym Trainer

There are a number of gyms in Northern California built for fitness enthusiasts and those who are just getting started with their fitness journey. Apart from the price, they have their own edges in terms of cost, location, class offerings, amenities, service quality, and other membership inclusions. However, only a few offer special services, like personal training. If we only take into account the gyms that offer such premium services, your list of final options will be reduced probably by half, and it should make your experience easier towards finding your destined personal gym trainer.

Personal training is usually included in premium services, aimed for those who want exclusive attention. Personal trainers bear the responsibility of keeping their students motivated and programmed to be present in all sessions, pushing them to their limit in their pursuit of fitness. Some gyms also cover nutrition coaching as part of the inclusion as the member’s eating habits and choice of food are also crucial to ensure good results.

How to Spot the Right Personal Gym Trainer?

The right gyms value a thorough selection process in hiring personal gym trainers. However, chances are they are not going to walk you through it. And practically speaking, all you can do is google about them on the internet to see if they are the right one for you.

Here are some tips to choose the right one:

Look at the Trainer’s Credentials

Trainer’s credentials will tell you if he is indeed qualified for the role or otherwise. No ifs and buts, he should have completed a solid personal trainer qualification to show you that he has earned the expertise in the field.

Said certifications can only be acquired once the trainer has passed a test from any accredited organizations, e.g., the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), the America Council on Exercise (ACE), etc. They serve as proof that the trainer has met particular standards of competence and professionalism from a renowned organization.

An Experienced Trainer is a Big Plus

Experience is not everything; for the most part, it is what defines a trainer’s mastery in handling its role. With the saying that experience is the best teacher. It pays to choose an experienced trainer whose teaching skills have been honed to perfection over the years. It is okay to block a deal with a freshly-certified trainer for a seasoned one.

Personality Matters

The trainer is the one to keep you motivated and reminded of your goals, especially at times where you feel like quitting. That said, it is important that your trainer embodies that positive reinforcement and cheer leading gift to make you want to push yourself to the limit. To ensure that, at first encounter, his personality and style should effortlessly make you feel comfortable.

Listen to Unbiased Referrals

You’ll find on the web will share a common piece of advice when it comes to hiring a personal gym trainer – it is that referrals from your friends and family matter, and they are more worth considering than reviews and testimonials from people you don’t know. So, while you are about to list your final options, do not forget to ask your fitness enthusiast friends about who they can recommend as their best compliments are most likely a result of firsthand experience.

Inquire About Each Trainer’s Specialties and Availability

A jack of all trades may be a positive thing. But if you want to be trained at an optimum then you might want to consider looking for a trainer who is specialized at some workout. In particular, whether it is in weight lifting, CrossFit, yoga, etc. Having a trainer that is expert and passionate on your chosen workout makes your buck all the more worth it.

Working out, consistency is key. That said, to ensure that your trainer is going to be there with you all throughout your journey. Do not forget to check his availability as well. Is he already booked? How many members are currently under him? How many times a week can he render for the training if you enroll in his class? by means of far can your partnership go? All of these should contribute to your decision-making.

Choose a Trainer That Diligently Tracks Progress

It is not all about motivating, cheering, and training. Your personal trainer should be concerned with your progress too. The right one will use a method in tracking that so you can monitor whether your hard work is already paying off or not yet. Benchmarks like weight loss, PRs, strength gains, and other achievements should be monitored not only to keep you juiced up but also for his self-fulfillment, knowing he is successfully doing his job.

It is cool to have a trainer who believes in “fitness done differently.”

The number of boutique gyms in Northern California is only focused on a single type of gym class. But if you end up in gyms that specialize in a variety of classes. Then the possibility of switching from one trainer to another is there. And that will keep you spiced up, even more, to continue meeting your goal.

The right gym has trainers who will continuously challenge their students in a different approach to avoid over training and plateaus. These trainers are willing to offer modified and scaled routines so that you will be able to stay in focus. From CrossFit to cardio workouts, yoga, and Pilates classes, you will never be left unassisted.

It is normal to feel overwhelmed when finding the right personal trainer for your fitness venture. However, it is vital to note the above mentioned criteria to make sure that you do not run out of reasons to keep going. More than anything else, trust your instinct. Find an experienced and knowledgeable personal trainer who feels like the best fit. He should not only help you reach your goals but will also keep you feeling at ease, inspired, and motivated throughout the phase.

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