How to Choose The Right Gym Shoes in 2021
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How to Choose The Right Gym Shoes in 2021

The kind of shoes you wear during your workout can have an immense impact on your whole body. Your feet and ankles need proper support and protection while performing your fitness regime. Hence, choosing the right gym shoes is vital to keep moving comfortably during the workout and reduce injury risks.

Gym shoes are not the same as running shoes as they have features different from running shoes. The shoes need not be expensive but should be suitable for the exercises you are into.

If you are planning to buy a pair of top-notch gym shoes like Metcons, you might be having many questions in mind, such as do Nike Metcons have good arch support?

Selecting the best shoes for the gym will depend on various factors given below.

Style of Shoes

You can opt for training shoes that are good for cross-training and all sorts of gym movements and weightlifting. Cross Training shoes are the most versatile shoes designed for gym exercises and offer stability and mobility. They are convenient to wear as they enable you to switch between exercises without changing shoes.

Durable Traction

Gym shoes that provide durable traction are ideal for most gym workouts. For heavy lifting, you require ground-gripping traction that provides stability and power. You do not want a shoe that makes your feet wobble around while trying to squat or deadlift.

Strong Support

For weightlifting in the gym, you need to choose shoes that offer you a lot of support for your joints and muscles. This is essential to avoid imbalances and injuries, especially on slippery gym floors. Without strong lateral support, you will put a lot of stress on muscles, joints, and bones.

Most cross-training shoes usually do not provide arch support. However, if you wonder, do Nike Metcons have good arch support, the answer is yes. They offer a moderate amount of arch support.

Comfortable Cushioning

Gym shoes should provide proper cushioning at critical areas while performing high-impact exercises. Soft and comfortable cushioning will absorb heavy landings preventing injuries to the feet and ankle, ideal for high-intensity training. However, for weightlifting, there should be firm cushioning at the heel and soft cushioning at the forefoot to give you stability as well as a cushion from high-impact movements.

Flat or Raised Heel

Some shoes also come with a slightly raised heel, which is especially helpful when doing squats and lifting weights. The raised heel increases the stability around your heel, allowing you to squat to a deeper position. There are also gym shoes that feature adjustable heel height and come with a removable hyper-lift insert.

Breathable Materials

While deciding on the right gym shoes, you need to pay attention to the materials with which the shoes are made. Well-constructed, breathable, lightweight, yet durable shoes will be ideal for intense workouts.

No matter what kind of workouts you like, always pick shoes made with breathable materials to prevent sweaty and smelly feet later. Gym shoes are made from a wide variety of materials, including rubber, textile, or mesh, and you can select them according to your preference.

Proper Fit

Buying the right-sized gym shoes is important for your everyday exercising regimen. The shoes should neither be small or too big for your feet but instead should give you a snug, sock-like fit for added support when you are lifting heavyweights. Right-fitting shoes will also ensure your safety during workouts.

Get the right gym shoes that provide you grip, support, and cushioning at the right places while making you look and feel stylish. The best gym shoes will help you perform the most strenuous workouts efficiently.

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