Benefits of Herbal Tea Products by Herbalife Nutrition
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Benefits of Herbal Tea Products by Herbalife Nutrition

Drinking herbal tea offers several health benefits, including weight management, improvement in mood and energy, increased metabolism, protection from free radicals, and more. Tea’s refreshing and delicious taste makes it enjoyable to drink and is an ideal way to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day. The low or no-calorie versions of tea offer all the health benefits without adding to the daily calorie count.

Not all herbal tea products are created equal. The quality of the products depends on several factors including product sourcing, the tea extraction process, packaging, and more. One of the premier international brands for healthy nutritional products is Herbalife Nutrition. With Herbalife products, you get a reliable, reputed, and trustworthy brand that has been serving customers for over 40 years.

Herbalife Tea Concentrate

As one of its flagship products, the Herbalife tea concentrate offers a powerful blend of healthy ingredients and several tasty flavors to choose from. This product is available in chai, lemon, original, peach, and raspberry and contains 85 mg of caffeine per serving to jump-start the metabolism and boost energy. The ingredients include black tea, green tea, safflower oil, Malva sylvestris, orange pekoe, cardamom seed extract, and more.

The concentrate comes in a powdered format offering flexibility and convenience. The Herbalife tea concentrate can be used with hot water, blended with ice, or added to a variety of recipes for the ultimate healthy drink or meal. The powdered format ensures maximum health benefits with a high concentration of ingredients.

Herbalife Green Tea

The Herbalife green tea product is the ultimate antioxidant healthy drink. Adding a cup of green tea to your daily diet can help with hydration, offer protection from free radicals, and provide a refreshing feeling. Antioxidants offer protection from several types of illnesses and diseases, including cancer and cardiovascular diseases. This product is available in pomegranate flavor and can be used with hot or cold water. It contains no calories or artificial sweeteners, and it comes in powdered format.

Herbalife Tea Product Sourcing

For Herbalife Nutrition, the quality of their products is of the highest priority, making product sourcing a vital component of the development process. It all starts with high-quality ingredients. For their tea products, Herbalife Nutrition has partnered with tea farms that have been harvesting tea extract for generations. A sample from each batch of tea harvest is tested and voucher-coded at Herbalife Nutrition. The voucher coding helps to build up a specimen library for reference, research, and quality assurance purposes. The ingredients also go through several other safety, regulatory, and scientific testing procedures.

Herbalife Nutrition is committed to the highest standards of quality assurance from product sourcing to consumption of their end products. The in-house testing capacities at the state-of-the-art laboratories and accredited manufacturing facilities at Herbalife Nutrition allow them to have control over the quality of their product. The products are distributed worldwide through a network of independent distributors who are monitored for quality standards and practices.

About Herbalife Nutrition

Herbalife Nutrition has been developing and selling high-quality nutritional products since 1980. They offer herbal tea, protein shakes, meal replacements, weight management products, digestive health products, and more. The nutritional products developed by Herbalife Nutrition are optimized to deliver maximum health benefits. With over 40 years of experience in the nutrition and health industry, Herbalife Nutrition has become an industry leader with extensive research and development, quality assurance, and authentic product sourcing processes. In 2018, Herbalife had net sales of $4.9 billion with product sales in over 90 countries.

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