5 Things to Consider While Choosing Hockey Shin Guards
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5 Things to Consider While Choosing Hockey Shin Guards

Shin guards help in protecting your shins from hockey sticks and pucks and protect your knees in case of falls. Some of the shin guards also protect your calves. So you need to carefully choose your hockey shin guards that will protect you during the hockey game. There are various considerations to take into account. Here are 5 things to consider while choosing hockey shin guards.

Material and features differ among price ranges

All the shin guards have an inner foam lining and an outer shell made of plastic. There are two parts to the plastic cover that allows a good fit and offer flexibility. The cheaper shin guards have a thin inner lining and a thin shell, which makes them less protective. They do not even protect your knees during falls since they do not think enough.

As the price increases, you get more padding, a thicker outer shell, and improved quality. High-end shin pads come with high-quality materials to provide extremely good protection without added weight. You can find good-quality hockey shin guards here.

The right size and fit

Finding the right size and fit is of utmost importance. If your shin guard is not a good fit, you can get hurt. To find the right fit, you need to consider its length. Shin guards are measured from the middle of the shell to the bottom in inches. To measure your fit, you need to measure your leg from the middle of your knee to the top of your ankle in inches.

This measurement will be the measurement of the shin guard you need. You can also try a few shin guards. When you wear the shin guard, it should cover your knee and cover your leg just above your ankle. Moreover, you should be comfortable and be able to tighten it so that it doesn’t move around.

Suitable to your preferences

Depending upon your preferences, there are some differences in the shin guards. You can either want a tight fit or a loose fit. You can tuck them in or let them out. If you are just buying the shin guards, you can choose your tight or loose fit preference. If you want a tight fit and already have shin-guards, you can use shin pad tape, a plastic tape that comes in various colors.

You can use these to help secure your pad and tighten it easily. Similarly, depending upon your preferences for tucking in the shin guard or letting it out over the tongue, you can choose either way. Tucking in your shin guards gives you more agility while letting it out gives more protective coverage. So if you want to tuck them in, go for narrower pads and vice versa.

How do you play

If you play with players who play rough and slash all the time, then you need something that will cover your calf as well. Similarly, if you are in front of the net all the time, then also you will need a calf wrap. Otherwise, you will get hit on the calves a lot and get hurt. Always protect yourself before you enter the hockey game; otherwise, you will not be able to play properly and get hurt from the puck.

Secondhand shin guards

If you are tight on the budget and cannot purchase good quality shin guards that will protect you during the game, then you can opt for used shin guards. You just need to find shin guards that are in good condition and not worn out. Always check the shin guards before you purchase them. Inspect the inner lining and the outer shell for any type of damage and that they have functional straps or not.


So these are some of the things that you should consider before you go shopping for your shin guards. Keeping the above points in mind can help you choose the one that is right for you. This will keep you protected during the game and help you play easily.

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