What Kind of Bed Foundation Do I Need
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What Kind of Bed Foundation Do I Need?

Box springs have for a long time have been the standard for the foundations, but with mattresses getting heavier because of their quality, we have to keep looking for more choices to support our mattress. One such choice that we have is a Bed foundation.

Bed foundationBefore answering the above question, we need to find out what is a bed foundation?

If explained in layman’s terms bed foundations are the structure on which your mattress sits. But if it is defined, mattress foundation or bed foundation properly is a wooden box with wood slats across the surface, usually covered by a breathable fabric. The spacing in-between the inner slats in a foundation bed determines the support that would be provided by the bed to its mattress. The lesser space in-between slats the more support the mattress receives from the foundation.

Again it is also important to mention that foundation beds are very much compatible with a heavy mattress such as Latex, memory foam, or hybrid mattress. However, on the other hand, box springs are usually paired with innerspring mattresses.

Benefits of a Mattress Foundation

Mattresses need someplace to rest as they cannot be placed directly on the floor as it would degrade its quality while also looking unnatural. Therefore before selecting the right mattress type after comparing to choose between queen vs. California king or queen Vs full mattress etc. It is important to select the foundation on which your mattress would lay. The type of mattress you own would decide the type of foundation that you would be needing.

Other than supporting your mattress, Mattress foundation is also known to offer some other benefits they elaborate as follows.

Allows the Mattress to Work for You

If your foundation does not give you the right support then the mattress that you are supposed to sleep in will sag in certain places because of pressure from the top while you sleep. Memory foam, latex, and hybrid mattress contours to the body so that your muscle can recover while you are asleep. Therefore your spines remain in a safe and neutral position while you sleep as your beds provide the perfect combination of support and cushioning. When your mattress sags it forces the spine out of alignment making your body overcompensate for the lack of support by sleeping in a position that is not comfortable. However, a stable support base will allow you to reap the maximum benefits from your most advanced mattress.

Improves the Lifespan of Your Mattress

Improves the Lifespan of Your MattressNot only placing a foundation under your mattress will support your mattress correctly, but it also ensures that your mattress is in use for a longer period. Mattresses are used constantly as we spend a relatively large amount of time sleeping in our life thus, mattresses would need a strong support base to contain this constant use. The right foundation will save you the inconvenience and the extra expense of having to replace your existing mattress only after a few years of constant use.

Adds Height to Your Beds

Not only allowing your mattress to rest on the ground reduces its longevity, it also is susceptible to cold air, dust, dirt, and humility. Again it is also a challenge to get yourself out of the bed when your mattress is left resting on the ground.

A mattress foundation adds a minimum of 16-23 inches of height, while many foundations also have the facility to increase and decrease the height of your bed depending on your preference. Again people with special abilities also need a minimum height to reach their bed so that it is easier for their mobility.

Keeps Your Mattress Clean

Keeps Your Mattress CleanThe floor is one of the dirtiest places in the houses as it harbors dirt, hair, dead skin cells, bugs, dust mites, pet hair, and other microscopic allergens that might be harmful to your health. Even moisture and humidity also tend to gather near the floor which encourages mold and mildew to form in the mattress. Keeping the mattress on a foundation keeps these unwanted ingredients away from your bed and leaves your mattress clean and hygienic. Innerspring mattresses have open spaces between spring coils where bacteria and dirt might collect therefore they should be lifted off on a foundation. Even latex and memory foam mattress are dense but are susceptible to moisture that causes the foam of these mattresses to deteriorate, thus making it very important for these mattresses to rest on a raised platform.

Improves Airflow

If the mattress is placed on the floor it gives them very little space to breathe as the air will not circulate properly throughout the bed-causing the mattress to overheat. The right foundation helps release trapped heat and improves air circulation around the bed. No matter whatever mattress type you have right foundations makes it easier for the mattress to breathe.

Keeps Your Mattress in the Right Place

A good foundation holds your mattress together in the correct place. If your mattress rests on the ground, it is most likely to slide around while you sleep. Additionally, if the mattress is placed on the wrong foundation, it might slip, causing the mattress to sink in the areas where it has less support and more pressure on the top.

There a wide variety of bed foundations that are in use today, be it box springs or wooden or metal slatted beds but the most popular and the best bed foundation are mattress foundations.

Mattress Foundations

Before deciding between a Full bed Vs a twin bed or a Queen mattress vs a full mattress. You must also be aware that these mattresses would be needing a foundation to support themselves, and your old foundation would not match the size difference of the new mattress that you are going to purchase. As discussed above of all the bed foundations that are today available in the market, mattress foundations are designed for today’s hi-tech memory foam and latex mattress and space-age polymers matters. Mattress foundations are uniquely designed from box springs as they are made from metal or sturdy wood and cover in a breathable fabric. Mattress foundations have a solid frame box to support your mattress and raise it to the desired height, and don’t have any coiled spring to support these mattresses.


Finally, while concluding it can be said that bed foundations are an utmost necessity to keep your mattress safe, clean, breathable, and durable so that you can get the proper value of the mattress that you want to use. There area wide variety of bed foundations that are available in the market as box springs or slatted metal beds, But it has already been established that one of the best mattress foundations for your modern mattress is the simple mattress foundation with legs. But the final choice rests with your preferences.

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