Nutrition Guide for Cancer Hair Loss
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Nutrition Guide for Cancer Hair Loss

Science has made tremendous progress in cancer treatment. Today, the cancer survivor is more common than ever. If this disease is caught on time, it’s no longer the death sentence it once was. One of the side effects that patients find most difficult is hair loss. Yet, with correct nutrition, there’s no reason why the hair shouldn’t grow back again. Many a cancer survivor has learned to take better care of their hair once it grows back again. In fact, many have learned to take better overall care of themselves once they’ve had a brush with this dreaded disease. Their quality of life is considerably improved as a result.

Post-Surgery Cancer Care

Post-Surgery Cancer CareMany cancers, if detected early, can be handled successfully with treatments like chemotherapy and radiation. However, cancers in certain tissues or those which have had advanced beyond the initial stages may need to be surgically treated to remove the infected tissue. Post-surgery cancer care would then be followed by treatments such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy, or a combination of both, depending on the severity of the condition. This is to guard against the re-occurrence of the disease. What’s almost more important than treatment, however, is the attitude the former cancer patient has towards their life. They learn to value life and treat it with renewed respect. They learn to be kind to themselves and more thoughtful about their and drink. It may drink more water and eat more fresh fruit and vegetables. Food that’s as close to its natural state as possible tends to be more life-enhancing. Diets rich in vegetables and pulses and less dependent on meat and its by-products tend to have a more positive influence on health.

Men’s Health

There are certain types of cancers that occur exclusively or mostly in men. These include prostate cancer, skin cancer, lung cancer, bladder and colorectal cancer. Men’s health care should include awareness of and screening for these diseases. Many cancer specialists argue that cancer is a lifestyle disease, and certain lifestyle changes can greatly reduce a person’s chances of catching the disease.

Women’s Health

Similarly, women’s health tends to be endangered by particular cancers. Cancers which affect women include breast cancer, endometrial cancer, cervical and ovarian cancer. Surprisingly, skin cancer and lung cancer are also as common in women. If it’s correct that lifestyle adjustments can reduce a person’s chances of catching the disease, it is surprising that many people have to become cancer survivors before they learn about the type of nutrition and lifestyle changes they need to avoid becoming a victim of the dreaded disease.

Benefits of Camomile Tea

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Live Better with Cancer

Yes, it’s possible to live better with cancer, surprisingly enough. Many former cancer patients, once they have recovered, find their life is better and richer afterward. As they learn to take better care of themselves and pay attention to their needs, their life becomes more rewarding and enjoyable. Many women who suffer cancer hair loss owing to chemotherapy discover a wonderful world of gentle shampoos and hair dyes that they wouldn’t have discovered otherwise. They also discover that there are many ways to disguise hair loss by the artful use of scarves and hats. They discover a side to themselves; its never knew existed. They learn to slow down, smell the roses, and appreciate the little things of life, which mean so much. Actually, a brush with cancer hair can be a wake-up call if we view it in a positive light.

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