How To Take Bikes on a Family Vacation This Summer
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How To Take Bikes on a Family Vacation This Summer

Take advantage of a warm weekend or entire summer break to plan a family biking vacation. Bond with your family members by taking an unforgettable cruise around your local area or at a distant travel destination. If you’ve just started dreaming of a family vacation this summer, use this guide to start your planning and shopping list. From key repair tools and travel accessories to the latest black women’s cruiser bike, get ready for an adventure for the entire family.

Plan a Route

The most important factor in planning a route is knowing your family’s biking abilities. Don’t expect to travel for miles and miles every day with young children, or they may not be able to keep up. Part of the joy of a vacation is the slow, casual cruise, so pick a comfortable set of bikes that let the whole family keep at the same pace for a unified ride.

Consider the terrain and weather as you travel. Some destinations have breathtaking views but are hilly and difficult for young riders. Others may require weaving through busy traffic. Balance stunning views and convenient riding, so each family member has an unforgettable experience.

Pack a Travel Kit

Enjoy easy and hassle-free biking by investing in a few key tools and accessories. Some tire tools, such as pliers, a patch kit, and tire pump, are important for keeping all your family’s bikes ready for the road. Here are some other helpful accessories to consider:

  • Bike lock
  • Child seat
  • Bells
  • Phone holder
  • Bags
  • Mirrors
  • Water bottle carriers

Shop for these accessories to match your bike. When you purchase a bike and accessories from the same store, you can be confident in a convenient fit. Some accessories, like bells and mirrors, are for safety. Others, like bottle carriers and phone holders, keep your ride convenient and comfortable. Additional bags and carrying options help distribute the weight of your gear.

Go Slow

One of the best ways to travel leisurely with your family is a beach cruiser bike. Families with small children, in particular, need to pace themselves and go at a comfortable speed for the smallest family member. You aren’t preparing for a race, so a comfortable cruiser allows you to enjoy the sights and sounds of your scenic bike route.

Compare Bike Racks

Not all bike racks are ideal for all your bikes. Look for a rack that can handle the number of bikes in your family. Check that it’s compatible with your style of bikes. Women’s bikes, in particular, sometimes have difficulty attaching to certain carriers due to the frame design, so match your rack with your bikes to easily reach the start of your bike trail.

Choose the Right Bike

Shop online today to check out the latest cruiser bike for women, men, and children. Enjoy a custom-fit bike for your body style for a comfortable cruise with your loved ones. Compare sizes, styles, and colors to ensure every family member finds their new favorite bike. Start planning today and prepare for a bonding experience that your family won’t forget.

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