Herbalife Nutrition Club Network Continues to Grow During Pandemic
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Herbalife Nutrition Club Network Continues to Grow During Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has not spared many industries around the globe. The health and fitness industry was severely impacted, resulting in several companies not surviving the devastating financial impact of the pandemic. The health and fitness clubs that survived have had to rely on digital technologies to conduct online classes and other types of programs in a virtual environment.

One of the companies that have continued to expand over the pandemic is Herbalife Nutrition. The LA-based company founded in 1980 is one of the world’s top nutritional products companies with an award-winning product lineup that includes hydration drinks, meal replacement products, protein shakes, energy drinks, multivitamins, and more. Apart from the products, it also offers Herbalife Nutrition Clubs, where customers can enjoy healthy nutrition, fitness classes, and social environments for community support.

Herbalife Nutrition Clubs

From the first Herbalife Nutrition Club that opened in 2004 to over 75,000 clubs worldwide, the key to the clubs’ success has been a social environment offered to customers in the form of guidance, support, and encouragement. The interpersonal relationships cultivated at Herbalife Nutrition Clubs can create a sense of community. Several studies have pointed to the benefits of working out with a partner or in a group.

These clubs also offer nutritious meals, including food items that use Herbalife products, along with their community-based format. Rather than needing to buy the entire product, customers can choose to buy a single serving at an affordable price. Members from all fitness levels are welcomed at Herbalife, with a positive, no-pressure environment that allows members to feel comfortable. The group exercises and fitness classes are available daily for a small fee.

Supporting Customers Through the Pandemic

By moving the nutritional programs and fitness classes to online platforms. Herbalife Nutrition Clubs were able to support their customers, who were going through some challenging times in isolation. The online connectivity allowed these customers to feel part of a community. During social distancing, virtual platforms played a key role in helping Herbalife customers create a sense of social normalcy.

Herbalife clubs are operated by independent distributors who ensured that the personal touch of community-based programs was not lost over virtual platforms. Through regular one-on-one communication, customers were kept engaged. Whether discussing weight loss journeys on Facebook chat or sharing weekly meal plans over Instagram. Herbalife customers were kept connected over the internet.

2021 Performance Report

The 2021 first-half performance report has been highly encouraging for Herbalife Nutrition. Not only have product sales done well; but 2,000 more Herbalife Nutrition Clubs were added to the U.S. network in the first half of the year. This brings the total number of clubs in the U.S. to over 11,000. Countries in Asia also did well, with India showing 93% overall annual growth for Herbalife Nutrition. India adopted a virtual nutrition club model that was highly successful, providing a blueprint for other countries to follow.

New Clubs Continue to Open

There are several examples of new clubs that opened during the pandemic, including a new club in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. The club owner is confident in the value provided by Herbalife and wanted to “give the Eau Claire community a healthier option.” Another club that opened last year in Huntsville, Texas, was opened by a student inspired by her weight loss journey and struggles to find a place where she could find support for her health and wellness goals. Herbalife independent distributors are indeed showing their commitment as wellness coaches, continuing to support their customers through virtual or in-person programs.

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