6 Plants That Help You Lose Weight
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6 Plants That Help You Lose Weight

Even with so many fad diets and weight-loss pills available today, weight-loss is a concern for many. Shedding those extra pounds often requires discipline and sincere lifestyle changes and there’s no short cut to weight loss. However, one of the easiest ways to enhance your weight-loss efforts is to focus on your diet.

What you put on your plate is one of the most important components of weight loss. From improving your metabolism to reducing water retention. There are several plants and herbs that aid in metabolism, increase fat burn, and reduce appetite, thus helping you lose weight. Cannabis is on such plant that’s popular for its weight loss properties. To know more about it, here’s some expert advice from Seed Supreme.

In this article, we discuss six other effective plants that help you lose weight.


Dandelion is a mild laxative that helps aid digestion. Since dandelion improves fat metabolism, it helps to remove fatty acids through the digestive tract. It’s also known to reduce cholesterol. Since dandelion is packed with nutrients such as beta-carotene, vitamin K1, minerals, and fiber, it nourishes the body, removes free radicals, and minimizes the chance of imbalances caused by its diuretic nature. However, it’s important to know that long-term use of dandelion can lead to electrolyte depletion, like with any diuretic.

You can add dandelion to your salads or have dandelion leaf tea each day to get the benefits of this plant.

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper is a medicinal herb and a spice that has been used commonly in food to enhance flavor. However, cayenne pepper has also gained popularity as a weight-loss plant when celebrities like Beyonce and Jerad Leto used it in their detox drink to shed extra pounds within days.

Cayenne pepper contains a compound called capsaicin that helps boost metabolism, thus increasing the number of calories burnt throughout the day. Cayenne pepper is also known to suppress your appetite and reduce hunger, thus helping you consume fewer calories. To get the desired results, you may consume a teaspoon of cayenne pepper before your meals or mix it in your detox drink of lime juice and maple syrup.


Ginseng is a superfood that’s considered a staple in Chinese medicine. Since ginseng is known for its properties to improve metabolism and strengthen your gut, consuming it regularly may help you lose weight.

Experts suggest that ginseng nourishes the microbiomes in the gut, thereby stimulating weight loss, modifying fat formation, and delaying fat absorption. When ingested, ginseng alters the bacteria in the gut in a way that affects how the body burns fat. This has an impact on your metabolism, thereby, effectively influencing your gut bacteria. Since ginseng considerably reduces your blood sugar levels and cholesterol. It’s important to discuss it with your doctor if you plan to take ginseng for weight loss. This is especially important if you’re on blood sugar and cholesterol medication.


Mint is a medicinal herb that is known for its antibacterial, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory properties. Methanol a compound in mint is known to aid digestion. Mint helps stimulate digestive enzymes that lead to a faster metabolism, thereby aiding weight loss. One of the simplest ways to consume mint is by drinking mint-infused water throughout the day. This not only helps you lose weight but also keeps you minty fresh throughout the day.


TurmericTurmeric is a potent plant that is popular for its healing properties. The presence of the chemical curcumin is known to be effective for weight loss. Studies suggest that curcumin suppresses the inflammatory markers that play a crucial role in obesity. Turmeric is known to not only reduce weight gain but also reduce fat tissue growth, enhance your insulin sensitivity, and curb weight regain.


Cinnamon is made from the inner barks of a tree called the Cinnamomum genus. This herb is rich in antioxidants and offers several health benefits. The antioxidant in cinnamon called polyphenols is said to reduce insulin sensitivity and reduce the accumulation of belly fat. Certain enzymes in the herb may slow the breakdown of carbohydrates, which can potentially reduce your appetite and lead to weight loss. One of the easiest ways to include cinnamon in your diet is to add a pinch of it to your morning coffee.


Most of the plants used as food are nutrient-rich, low in calories, and provide several health benefits. Out of them, several plants can help improve one’s metabolism, improve gut health, reduce hunger, increase insulin sensitivity, and impact fat absorption, thus aiding in weight-loss in a balanced, holistic way.

Since most plants when consumed are safe and have little to no side effects, including plants in your diet is one of the best ways to enhance your weight loss efforts.

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