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How Much Weight Should You Expect To Lose With A Gastric Bypass Surgery?

Gastric Bypass surgery is something every obese person dreams of. Even if your family doctor tells you that you are not a good candidate for the surgery or your insurance will not cover the surgery. You still dream of it. You may be terrified of the surgery. It is a very serious surgery that alters your body forever. Still, you know Gastric Bypass surgery is an effective way to achieve a thinner body forever.

How much will you lose?

You will lose the majority of your weight in the first year. This much we know. After that, the answer to this question is more difficult to answer. The fact is, it depends on how carefully you are following instructions. How your body is reacting to your surgery. How often are you getting up and walking? The normal person will easily lose 35% – 60% the first year if they do everything right. If they do not get sick and if their body cooperates fully. The most successful patient went through their mental evaluations and therapy. They took and are taking their medications, and they are being kind to themselves. They also understand that for a very long time when they didn’t feel good (like after having major surgery) they counted on their best friend to make them feel better. But their best friend can’t help them anymore. Because their best friend was food. Now they have to learn to self soothe, and it is not easy. So they have to be nice to them without chocolate.

They may have a chance to lose 70% to 100% of their weight with a Duodenal Switch. This is a combination of the Gastric Bypass and the Gastric Sleeve. It is easier to get insurance coverage for this surgery, and it is harder surgery. But it is much more effective. Check BMI of Texas to see how they combine these two surgeries.

Which surgery is right for you?

There are many types of surgery. They are all designed for weight loss, but they are not only for weight loss. Remember, weight is not the cause of most health problems. It is the result of them.


You may think you want the lap band that is placed around your stomach and then filled with fluid. This is not a surgery really, but it is done by gastric professionals. If when the band empties, you return to have the fluid refilled. This simply makes you feel full. Lap-band is a slow process, and you will go through a lot of medical tests before you are approved for it. Some insurance will not pay for it. However, they may pay for other medical problems, and your doctor can do both procedures at once. The excess weight of your body will help with diabetes, arthritis, back issues, knee problems, and lots more. So, it is worth making a call.

Gastric Bypass

Gastric Bypass surgery is the gold standard of weight loss surgery. It has been around the longest, and it has been evolving since the first surgery in 1968. Briefly, the stomach is removed at the top, leaving a pouch about the size of your thumb. Then intestines move the food away from the pouch, and the bypass is made to allow the juices coming from the stomach to unite lower down the intestine where it meets the food. You lose weight because you literally cannot eat much. Next, what you eat leaves your body quickly. Also, you will need to take vitamins and minerals for the rest of your life because your body will not have time to absorb vitamins from what you eat. The average Gastric Bypass patient loses about 70% of their body.

Gastric Sleeve

The gastric sleeve is much like a Gastric Bypass. The difference is this. Instead of cutting the stomach into a pouch, it is removed more vertically. The tough part of the stomach is left. It is about 20% of the stomach. It restricts the amount of food you can eat. Insurance will usually cover this operation. It removes the part of the stomach that stretches, allowing you to overeat. It leaves the part that makes the hormone that makes you feel full. You are turning your body into an anti-hunger machine.


Gastric Bypass surgeries have helped a lot of people. They have added years to people’s lives. Gastric Bypass surgeries allowed them to recover from illnesses. They have given people the self-esteem they needed to grow and be happy. But nothing in this life comes easy.

If you want to experience the gifts this surgery affords you, you have to play by the doctor’s rules. You can not go halfway. You have to eat correctly, go for regular examinations, have blood drawn every year, and take the vitamins and minerals you are given. Not taking them is not an option. Before you go for the surgery, you understand your new life. If you do, then go! Your new life awaits you!

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