Five Best Exercises That Help Seniors Stay Fit
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Five Best Exercises That Help Seniors Stay Fit

Our ancestors used to stay physically active, which is one of the reasons they led long, healthy lives. The modern lifestyle has made us lazy and inactive, which has resulted in various illnesses. Today we have the facilities to perform most of our daily tasks without moving, for example, shopping online, attending online conferences, completing education online without getting out of our homes. Not only this, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, people are also now working from home. That means less physical activity and more time sitting on your comfortable chair. Experts recommend indulging in any physical activity to people of all ages and say that it is essential for overall wellbeing. The more time you spend sitting, it not only decreases your energy levels, but it also slows you down, making you feel lazy.

In the case of older people, they are more prone to diseases, as, with age, their immune system becomes weak. Health experts urge seniors to work out as it helps in controlling blood and sugar levels. Older adults who stay physically active tend to be more confident, display excellent coordination skills, and are more fit than their counterparts. Doctors say leading sedentary lifestyles give emergence to diseases, whereas indulging in exercise increases lifespan. Seniors think that gym membership is essential for exercise, which is not valid. The outbreak of COVID-19 has closed down gyms in many countries, but that does not mean that seniors take a break from exercise, as there is plenty that they can do at home.

Following are a few easy exercises that can help seniors stay fit:


Walking seems like an insignificant thing to do, yet it has far-reaching health benefits. It aids in keeping blood pressure and cholesterol under range and reduces the risks of a heart attack. Walking does not require any equipment. Although fitness experts suggest different kinds of walking, that does not mean that simply walking is useless. Older adults do not like the idea of walking around the home, but taking a walk in an open area amid nature excite them. Most of the senior citizens find mobility difficult, and going to the park alone does not seem feasible to them. Today with the advancements in technology, new gadgets, personal emergency response system and equipment are introduced in the markets to help seniors stay independent and yet fulfill their daily tasks. Now older people can easily find the best affordable Heavy Duty Mobility Scooters and go wherever they want without the fear of falling or getting tired. Hence, older adults can use these scooters to reach their favorite spot and take a stroll, to stay physically active.


Fitness professionals recommend swimming to older people as they say it helps in releasing toxins from the body. Swimming is an exercise which helps in treating health issues which are common in senior, such as, soreness of muscles and aching joints. Moreover, swimming is an enjoyable activity, and people can work out their legs, abdominal area, shoulders, and chest by taking strokes in a swimming pool. Many community centers have special discounts for older adults. You can search for one in your vicinity and take advantage of it.


Stretching helps in making mobility more comfortable and gaining flexibility. With the passage of age, the body loses its resilience power and becomes rigid. Stretching exercises make the body flexible, which helps in preventing falls. Although stretching exercises can be a little difficult for older people, they can start with basic stretching and gradually move towards complex ones. Stretching can be of various types, while dynamic stretching improves range of motion, shoulder, and upper back stretch will assist you in losing stiffness of your back. Older people can consult an instructor and have a customized set of stretching exercises for specific body parts.

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Seniors look for less strenuous exercises, and yoga does not require much physical activity and yet has tremendous benefits. Moreover, you can find many yoga instructors online that give yoga classes specifically to older adults. Yoga has a positive impact on one’s life, such as it helps people in recovering from depression. Furthermore, regular yoga strengthens bones, alleviates pains, enhances strength, and improves sleeping habits. Seniors who inculcate yoga in their lives feel energetic and lead an independent life. A prevalent misconception is that people in old age cannot do yoga as their body does not have the strength of holding a posture. But with the right yoga exercises for older people and practice, you can adapt to the yoga moves and will be able to do it correctly with time.


Aerobics exercises burn off calories is a short while. Senior people need to take it slow as it can have adverse effects as well. Many gyms have special aerobic programs for older people, and taking a membership in a gym will increase the chances of socializing. However, it is not necessary to get a group in a fitness center, and they can do aerobics at home. Fitness experts have their channels on the Internet, and some of them release their DVDs too. Older people can take advantage of either and can easily do these exercises at home.


Seniors who take stairs instead of elevators prefer walking to the grocery stores over going on a car are more likely to age successfully. The Elderly often suffer from depression, anxiety, and panic attacks. Exercise does help in reducing weight, but it also assists in releasing stress. Physically active seniors are generally happy as their sugar, cholesterol, and blood pressure stays in range. Older adults think that now their bones are weak, and getting into the regime of exercise will weaken them further. The reality is contrary to the common belief as it helps in strengthening bones and muscles, and enhances their quality of life. Hopefully, with the help of the exercises mentioned above, you will be able to choose the one suitable for you.

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