Everyday Shoes That Are not Sneakers
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Everyday Shoes That Aren’t Sneakers

Your favorite sneakers are probably some of the most comfortable shoes you own, which is why it’s so tempting to wear them all the time. The problem is, not every situation calls for them, and in some places, they might even break the dress code. On top of that, the best, most high fashion sneaker designs require care to keep them looking their best. Daily wear puts too much strain on them and makes it harder to clean them often enough to keep them looking their best. Here are some great options for daily wear shoe styles that you can change up to put your best foot forward in any situation.

Backless Loafers

There are many styles to choose from for both men and women when you shop backless loafers, and while you’re going to be able to choose from sharp leather styling in a few colors and textures, the shoes are built for comfort. That makes them an easy choice when you need to keep your footwear in a traditional style, but you also want something you can wear all day without regret. If you need workplace-appropriate ladies flat shoes, this is a great category to get started in.

Boat Shoes

When you’re around the water in the summertime, sneakers are a dangerous choice. When they get waterlogged, they can take days to dry out, and sometimes they pick up a funk. It’s best to have an option designed for wear near the water, and boat shoes give you an easy to slide on, closed-toed option. Traditionally made from canvas or another stiff and semi-water repellent material, they’re also stylish and appropriate for casual yacht and country club activities. If you’re looking for top quality, well-known choices like Sperry boat shoes are easy to find.


Another great option when you don’t need footwear with a closed toe, and you are going to be getting your feet wet is an all-day sandal. There are a number of comfortable designs that secure easily and look sharp, and sandals let your feet breathe while also providing you with an option that dries out easily when it gets a little wet. They can also be ideal for long walks and hot days, where a closed toe shoe would just make it harder to stay cool, and there are a lot of high fashion sandals to choose from. Check out the Birkenstock sandals on sale right now to get a feel for this season’s trends.

Low Pumps

The low pump design is an ideal way to get the color match and foot profile you like from heels, without the change to your balance or the discomfort that can come from walking in them for extended periods every day. They’re typically workplace appropriate, available in a wide range of colors from most of the designers you already look to each season, and easy to make work with practically any outfit style. If you’re looking for something for indoor events year-round or for everyday wear as a 3-season shoe, you can’t go wrong with low pumps as long as you find a comfortable fit.

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