CBD Oil For The Rescued Dogs And Cats Who Come Into Your Life
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CBD Oil For The Rescued Dogs And Cats Who Come Into Your Life

Adopting a new dog or cat is an exciting and joyful time for the family, but it can prove an anxious and stressful experience for the pet. Change is difficult for most species.

It takes varying periods of time for each individual animal to adjust, especially if their previous home was unpleasant or even traumatic. Their initial response will most likely be fear. Follow here for guidance on things to consider before bringing home a new pup.

At the base of all the emotions a new pet brings with them is anxiety derived from memories of past experiences, and in some cases, there may be issues with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD and other anxiety-related disorders. For this reason, it’s good to keep your pet insured with good insurance like Bivvy.

These are the result of the brain sending fear signals creating panic and confusion along with a sick feeling in your stomach. Cannabidiol or CBD is an anxiolytic that helps to relieve the stress response in the brain bringing a sense of calm to the dogs or cats and helping them to relax. For a list of vetted CBD brands for dogs, head to Health.com.

Common Behavior issues With Rescue Pets

It’s important to recognize your newly adopted dog or cat will have an adjustment period before being able to settle in and feel safe or secure. One method for helping your pet cope with the change is to provide CBD hemp for dogs and cats. The compound boasts a natural anxiolytic capable of promoting healing within the brain in the areas where traumatic events have taken their toll bringing anxious effects.

Though a rescued animal is dealing with a great deal of baggage, it’s vital to remember there is a loving animal with an incredible personality in there. You may just need to get through some difficult behavioral issues before the two of you reach the best part. Some behavior challenges CBD oil can help with include:

Aggressive Attitude:

 If your dog or cat was a stray that ended up in the shelter, they may be very protective of their food or territorial by nature, particularly if there are other pets in the home-sharing mealtime with them. It might be wise to isolate the new animal for meals and allow a choice of sleep areas until he feels more comfortable in the surroundings.

In some cases, if the animal suffered abuse, specific people could trigger memories when they resemble the abuser causing the pet to experience anger.

Aside from treating with medicinal herbs, the person bringing the threat needs to be consistently affectionate and should have more responsibility with the animal like feeding, walking, general positive interaction with the dog or cat to develop a bond and show the pet the best intentions.


Dogs or cats having been neglected or abused experience incredible fear to the point that many attempts to run from their new homes, in some cases to the point of chewing at the door in an attempt to open it.

No one likes to think about the horrendous things some animals endure in the world. But when you agree to adopt or rescue an animal, you need to understand there is a real possibility the dogs or cats has endured a trauma serious enough to instill a high level of fear that might cause them to want to escape from you.

That means you need to pay attention to their behavior, walk with them on the leash while they’re adjusting, schedule regular check-ups with the vet with whom you can establish a regimen of CBD oil to decrease the stress and fear behaviors you’re witnessing. Take this https://www.thesprucepets.com/is-cbd-oil-good-for-cats-4686100 to learn if CBD is safe for your feline.

Social Challenges:

Older dogs that didn’t receive socialization skills as a pup might not do well with other pets, children, or even people. It’s possible for these animals to view these as a threat, especially other animals.

Cats will likely arch up and hiss at the sign of other pets, not distinguishing between an enemy or a friendly animal. This is their warning that they’re either about to attack or the other critter should stay away.

Introducing a new dog or cat needs to be done gradually and slowly for the benefit of all the pets. Not only is it going to be difficult for the new addition, but the family animals won’t like the disruption to the home either. It’s important to be available for all the pets equally.

Common among the canine and feline population when placed in strange surroundings, is to lash out with destructive behavior. A pup tends to chew or dig as well as use the indoor flooring for their bathroom purposes.

A kitty will scratch up the furniture or carpeting and use anything but the litter box, she will spray her scent which is virtually impossible to eliminate.

Final Thought

Cannabidiol is a safe, non-toxic compound known for its natural anxiolytic properties for adoptive pet parents to help relieve potential fears, traumas, or stresses the new furry members of your family might come with.

Whether the animal you adopt comes from good circumstances or bad, there is always an adjustment period. No pet comes fully prepared to settle in and make themselves at home. Each animal finds change challenging and will react according to their personality and based on their previous experiences.

How you respond to the canine or feline’s stress is critical. You don’t want to create more anxiety, but rather provide a source of comfort and love.

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