Budgeting Tips for Your Basement-Bathroom Addition
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Budgeting Tips for Your Basement-Bathroom Addition

A lot of people often get the urge to remodel a part of the house, but only a few act on it. The kitchen is usually the first choice because it’s used more often. However, there are benefits that come with revamping the basement.

Some people choose to put a bathroom in the basement because it increases the home’s value. Aside from that, having another bathroom in the house certainly adds more convenience. With these reasons in mind, it is easy to understand why this undertaking is important.

Adding an efficient sanicompact toilet to the basement is a good idea because of the design and plumbing considerations. Still, there are a variety of options and alternatives to make the task lighter on the wallet. Planning early and doing your research can make the overall construction more affordable.

1. Maximize the Space

Many water- and space-saving bathroom designs exist, like sinks integrated to the toilet. The water then goes down the sink and is collected and filtered before being used for flushing the toilet. Many companies have their own version of this design, so there are lots of approaches to choose from.

There are ways to make a room appear bigger than it is, like using a lot of white. Utilize fabrics, pale stones, or tiles to add different textures so the bathroom won’t look dull. Adding a big mirror and replacing the shower curtain with a glass panel also create an illusion of added space.

Buying bathroom fixtures randomly will be more expensive in the long run, so strategize first. Explore with different floor plans and designs to see all the possibilities. Choose little luxuries that will add more functionality to the bathroom.

2. Be Smart in Positioning the Bathroom

In choosing the bathroom’s position, the most cost-effective way is to position it below the upstairs bathroom. This is because installing a new drain and water lines will take more time, money, and effort.

Hooking up the plumbing and electrical wiring is less expensive if the bathroom is closer to existing systems. There will be less labor in piping new channels for the waterlines and drains. The bathroom installation may finish more quickly than what has been projected.

Drainage is also vital when it comes to adding the new bathroom. The drainage line should be deep enough so the drain waste can still rely on gravity. If not, there are toilets with upflush systems to avoid excavating the floor.

Be Smart in Positioning the Bathroom3. Use Inexpensive Materials

Instead of using expensive materials for the bathroom, go for cheaper alternatives instead. They may not be the real thing, but they’ll look great nonetheless. There’s no need to spend more than what’s necessary in making the bathroom look first-class.

Real wood is always desired for the flooring, but it’s no secret that it’s very costly. As an alternative, consider luxury vinyl flooring instead. There are good designs that imitate wood plank flooring, and they’ll look really good.

Natural stones also look fantastic, but aside from being expensive, they pose many moisture problems. Quartz countertops and faux-stone ceramic and porcelain tiles can mimic the look and give you fewer problems. Using lower-cost look-alikes as materials for the bathroom will cut down the expenses.

4. Don’t Be Afraid to Buy Secondhand

Those who are afraid of going over budget should consider buying secondhand pieces. Decorating the bathroom and improving its initial look shouldn’t be expensive. More personal fixtures like the toilet and the shower should be new, but other items don’t have to be.

Visit recycle shops for some items like towel racks, bathroom cabinets, and faucets. It is easy to make them look new again, and they cost way less than brand-new items do. Recycled sinks and bathtubs are also available, and the vintage look may be appreciated.

Leftovers will also come cheap because some people accidentally buy too much of the product. If there’s a particular tile from the home store that has caught your attention, take note of it. Search it online, and check if there are people nearby selling the same one.

Planning Will Save You Money

Instead of doing what needs to be done and then improvising on the way, plan early. Knowing exactly what is needed for the bathroom and where to get it will save substantial money. Small, insignificant cost-cutting methods will add up, and a beautiful bathroom won’t end up being expensive.

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