Complete Living Room Sets for Your Home
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Complete Living Room Sets for Your Home

Designing your living room can be stressful when you don’t know where to start. Well, it’s best to begin by assessing the space. Take a look at the room’s natural characteristics and features. They are important when it comes to your furniture placement.

What style of windows do you have, and where are they located? Are they ceiling to floor windows that open the space up to large amounts of natural light, or are they smaller? Is there a staircase in the room that you have to work around? What about a fireplace and doorways? You don’t want to place furniture where it will obstruct a view or your ability to move around easily.

You can avoid the hassle by drawing out a floor plan and plotting out where you would like the furniture placed. Take measurements of the room and compare them to the dimension of the pieces you want to purchase. Once you have the furniture dimensions, another tip to help you visualize the living room furniture set in the space is to place tape on the floor to lay out the furniture arrangement. You can then move around the room and adjust the placements as needed.

Next, decide on the function of the space. The living room is surely one of the most shared spaces in the home and will serve many purposes for those using the space. Whatever the function, you want the furniture to ease the day-to-day routine. When the area is used as a media room, you will need to furnish it with a tv stand.

If there is a lot of streaming from mobile devices, you’ll want a living room set with USB charge ports in the seating or side tables. If you eat in the room, a coffee table with a lift top will come in handy, as well as consoles with cupholders. These are all considerations to take into account when selecting the right living room set. Think about all the ways the space will be used and find furniture that meets the function.

Next, you want to choose a color based on the mood you want to create. If you want a welcoming, cozy feel, pick rich, deep colors. If you want a relaxing vibe in the space, lighter and brighter are the way to go. And don’t be afraid to incorporate fun prints and patterns that match the color scheme you choose.

Now, it’s time to select a style for your design. Would you prefer a traditional look or contemporary? Not sure? Then reach out to one of the expert designers on staff at 1Stop Bedrooms. They can help you sort through the large selection of quality living room sets, with up to 75% discounts. There is also free shipping on your order and up to thirty-six months of financing available.

There’s no extra fee to have a designer assist you, so reach out to one of them today, or click here for living room furniture sets.

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