Tips for Teaching Physical Education at Home

Under the current global situation, schools and parents have to take a collaborative approach to their child’s education. Lessons have changed exponentially from a classroom setting to at home learning, putting the onus on parents to take a more active role in their child’s education. In a very short space of time, we have had to learn to balance our existing commitments with increased responsibility for our children’s learning.

Physical education is perhaps one of the most challenging lessons to teach at home. It is also incredibly important for your child’s development. Below you can find some tips on how to make the most of PE at home.

Make it Fun

It can be difficult to get your kids up and moving at the best of times, especially in a constructive and structured way. One of the best ways to get your child active is to make it fun. Any activity is going to be a lot more appealing to your child if it involves games and plays. At home PE can be enhanced by using fun games such as skipping, hula hooping, or anything that encourages your kids to get moving.

Making PE fun for your children also makes things easier on you as you won’t have to fight to get them to take part, which can be more difficult with desk-based lessons.

Use Online Resources

There are plenty of resources out there. Especially since the sharp rise in home schooling, there is a huge range of resources available on the internet. Virtual PE has never been easier, with companies like Skillastics providing advice and guidance for those teaching PE at home alongside their planned activities for groups. Finding guided video sessions online and tips on how to get your child active is only a google search away.

With plenty of resources out there, PE can be made far less stressful for parents by letting professionals guide your lessons online.

Get Involved

It’s common knowledge that children follow the examples set by their elders. When it comes to home schooling, this still applies. Being fit and active yourself will encourage your children to act in the same way. There are plenty of ways to get involved in your child’s education, but perhaps the easiest lesson to take part in with your child is PE. Don’t be afraid to be silly and play games with your kids. Get involved by doing exercises and activities along with your child. If you have multiple children, you can even get involved and make it a group activity.

Educating your children at home is no easy task but PE can be made easier with these simple tips. Use all the resources available to you to create physical education lessons in which your child will thrive. Most importantly of all, make it fun. This can also be a great way to get closer to your children and spend quality time with them. PE at home can be something you can your child enjoy. You never know, you might even get a bit fitter in the process.

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