How to dress to hide the belly?

Hello, beauty! The abdomen is the area of ​​the body that usually worries us either due to overweight or certain causes such as poor digestion, gas, period, or fluid retention, among others. All this causes our stomach to swell and take a look so unwanted that we do everything possible to hide it. Today we bring you 7 rules to hide belly.

7 Ways to hide belly?


The first step must be to choose your underwear well. Do not wear clothes that are too tight or smaller in size because the only thing you will get is to mark the belly further and protruding folds over it that are very unsightly. You can wear high panties that hide belly or girdles that keep everything in place.

Dark colors

Dark tones are always going to hide more the belly but do not stand alone in black, gray, blue, green and brown will do the same function, and you will not have to always dress in the same color.

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Peplum cut

The peplum cut, in addition to being very feminine, is ideal for concealing the abdomen. Fill your closet with dresses, skirts, and blouses with this cut for both day and night, and you’ll look perfect.

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The tunics can be your great ally to hide the belly. Besides being a trend, they are comfortable and perfect to wear on any occasion. Blend them with skinny jeans or leggings with boots or high heels.

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Flared skirts

Flared skirts or balloons will help you hide the abdomen area. Combine skirts with blouses at waist level.

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Wide belts

The wider, the better and under the bust will help hide the belly. You can combine them with skirts, dresses or pants.

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Empire cut dresses

If you have to go to a party, dinner or celebration and want to hide the belly choose empire-cut dresses, since having the cut just below the chest disguises, not only the gut but also the hips and waist.

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What to avoid

  • Clothes too baggy. It will make it look like you have more guts than you have, look for your correct size.
  • The jeans of a low shot. They will mark your belly more and will focus attention on that area.
  • The very thin belts.

We hope that this little advice will help you hide the gut. 

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